About Nathan

Nathan Jurries is a musician and performer hailing from Kansas City, playing primarily indie pop/rock. Using looping pedals, Nathan challenges the conventional musical experience by creating a “one man band” on the spot using his acoustic guitar, keyboard, and voice. 

The musical journey begins in St. Louis, where Nathan took an interest in piano at the age of 6. His classical lessons were soon followed by guitar when he participated in the Sunrise Conservatory, a program for city kids interested in music. After moving to Kansas City, Nathan continued lessons at Bentley’s Guitar Studio, and became a founding member of the music group, American Slim. The band released it’s full length album, Irreplaceable, in 2017. This group, along with musical theatre in high school, allowed Nathan to expand upon his performance capabilities and showmanship. In the beginning of 2018, Nathan began using a loop station to create new songs and perform solo. Within a week, his performances already wowed listeners in various open mics and has since been performing in shows around Kansas City and beyond. 

Nathan has played in multiple KC festivals and venues, including The Crossroads Music Fest, Middle of the Map Fest, The 96.5 Homegrown Music Showcase, and Royal’s Kauffman Stadium. Along with that, he has also performed in Midwest cities such as St. Louis, Des Moines, Topeka, as well as Austin for the SXSW music festival. 

Nathan’s looping project expresses his feelings and experiences in a unique way. Though some lyrics may be vital revelations in his life, he hopes that listeners will make something new out of their meaning, molding it to their existence.  His songs touch on subjects such as masculinity, navigating emotional struggle, expectations, and personal experiences.  His main goal is to create an experience for listeners and to ideally add value into their lives. Nathan firmly believes that living is a constant struggle, but music can lift up even the most downtrodden soul.  With intricate music composition, upbeat performance, and overall fun vibe, Nathan Jurries is bound to make a wave as he wanders the wonders of life, wherever it leads him. 

Nathan is now attending Berklee College of Music, and intends to graduate with a degree in Professional Music.  

To be continued...



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